CowManager® is an ear tag-mounted device with heat detection, health and nutrition monitoring capabilities. The system features three separate modules to customize information:

  • The Fertility Module provides accurate alerts to inseminate cows/heifers in estrus.
  • The Health Module alerts managers to possible sick cows needing attention or intervention by monitoring temperature and activity.
  • The Nutrition Module provides whole herd and pen summaries of rumination and feeding time.

CowManager allows managers to economically monitor individual cows 24 hours a day, seven days a week. System owners have the option of various types of data accessible on the web portal and updated every hour for near real-time summaries. Data is accessible on a PC and any mobile device with internet access.

The system’s simplicity makes it fitting for dairy herds of all sizes. In larger herds, the ‘Find My Cow’ feature allows system users to pinpoint the location of specific cows by using a proprietary smart phone application.