GEA Farm Technologies, Inc. introduced DairyProQ, is the world’s first fully automated, per stall, robotic rotary milking parlor, bringing viable robotic milking technology to large-scale dairies. With DairyProQ, producers can utilize automation and increase herd size, without being heavily dependent on outside labor. Producers also benefit from consistency – every cow is milked the same way at every milking.

Each stall unit on the DairyProQ rotary has its own robotic module. Teat cup attachment, teat prep (including pre-dipping), fore-stripping, stimulation, the milk harvest process, and post-dipping are done in-liner, in a single attachment. The unit is automatically removed and backflushed between milkings to sanitize the clusters. Special needs cows can be milked on a semi-automatic (manual) basis if required.  The stall modules are designed for convenient “plug and play” service. A stall module can be quickly removed from the cabinet for service, exchanged for a new one during operation to keep the milking session on time.