It’s not just an industry or marketing buzzword

Antibiotic stewardship. This is a phrase you’ve heard many times in the past few years. Do you know what it means? We asked beef producers and our veterinary colleagues to define, in their own words, what it means to them and for those involved in the beef industry. In the video above, hear some of the reasons they shared about why antibiotic stewardship needs to be an important part of every disease management program.

"When I hear someone mention antibiotic stewardship, I don't always know what it means to them, but I know what it means to me. It means I care." —Robin Falkner, DVM, managing veterinarian, Beef Technical Services at Zoetis

It’s about caring for animals. It’s about wholesome food. It’s about working with your veterinarian. It’s about using only what’s needed to treat an animal. It’s about keeping antibiotics effective. These are a few ways your peers and veterinary experts define antibiotic stewardship. 

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