Created after hearing about and seeing challenges from customers who manage large number of employees, PeopleFirst™ from Pfizer Animal Health is the industry’s first comprehensive human capital solutions service. The service provides agricultural operations owners and managers, as well as veterinary clinics, proper people and business management skills though customized training programs.

PeopleFirst addresses a number of business planning issues faced by veterinary clinics with the same strategic planning consultants and process that Pfizer Animal Health uses to guide its own business planning. The consultants help veterinarians define the strategic direction of their business and provide the tools necessary to connect their people with their long term business strategy.

For dairy and beef producers, PeopleFirst helps address employee management issues such as recruiting and training new employees, developing leadership of middle managers and organizing a human resources department during sessions tailored to fit specific needs. Seminars and standardized sessions in employee engagement, communication and accountability also are offered. All programs work toward creating a workplace of highly engaged, productive and efficient employees.

To learn more about PeopleFirst, visit or contact a Pfizer Animal Health representative.