Practice Tips

Some key points on beef cattle minerals

At last week’s Academy of Veterinary Consultants’ winter meeting in Denver, Connie K. Larson, PhD, Zinpro Performance Minerals, discussed mineral supplementation in beef cattle. FULL STORY »

Winter udder health reminders

Wind chills and temperature changes are the major factors leading to winter teat challenges which can predispose cows to mastitis. FULL STORY »

Dairy Heifer Raiser study raises red flag

The recently released “Dairy Heifer Raiser, 2011” study, from the USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System, provides an overview of the management practices used on heifer-raising operations. FULL STORY »

When you hear hoof beats ...

While in veterinary school, we were taught about many different diseases and the signs associated with those diseases. Some were common and others were very uncommon or exotic. FULL STORY »

Aflatoxin warning for dairy calves

Aflatoxin isn’t just a major concern in lactating cows. The toxin can deliver a huge blow to a calf as it damages the liver and subsequently the young animal’s immune system. FULL STORY »

Feeding post-drought calves

The drought has had huge nutritional impacts on cow-calf production. In many places because grass wasn’t available, there were increased costs of production when producers had to feed some type of supplement. FULL STORY »

Raw milk: Separating fact from fiction

Is unpasteurized milk safe for all consumers to drink? Does pasteurization destroy the health benefits of milk? These questions and more are the target of a new Purdue University fact sheet focused on setting the record straight about both raw and pasteurized milk. FULL STORY »

No renegade veterinarians

Hiring new grads can be a test for both the practice owner and the new veterinarian. Both parties need have similar goals and also need to know when it isn’t working out. FULL STORY »

What is subclinical ketosis costing you?

A lack of clinical signs makes it difficult to detect subclinical ketosis. Here are some ways to evaluate the occurrence of this fresh-cow disorder on your operation. FULL STORY »

Calves need water as much as other nutrients

Without adequate, free-choice water, calves are at risk of altered metabolic function, decreased starter intake and lower weight gain. The Ontario Veal Association provides details and guidelines on the importance of water in calf diets. FULL STORY »

Age at first calving declines

A report from the Penn State Extension team indicates that age at first calving for dairy heifers continues to decline, which in turn can save producers money. FULL STORY »

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