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Three more BVDV myths busted

Much has been written about BVDV over the years and much has been and is still being discovered, but in spite of that misinformation “myths” about BVDV still remain. Dan Givens, DVM, PhD, Auburn University, discusses the plausibility of the most persistent myths about BVDV. FULL STORY »

Don’t feed heifers like cows

Heifers are not cows, especially when it comes to their nutritional needs prior to breeding. The important difference between pre-breeding cows and heifers is that heifers are still using nutrients to grow and mature in addition to putting on body weight so that they can prepare for breeding. FULL STORY »

Most passive immunity occurs in the first 6 hours

Resistance to disease is greatly dependent on antibodies or immunoglobulins and can be either active or passive in origin. FULL STORY »

Animal welfare is not checking a box

If your beef and dairy clients believe their animal welfare programs are only about audits and “checking boxes” on a list, they are in it for the wrong reasons, says Dan Thomson, PhD, DVM, director of the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University. FULL STORY »

New online Salmonella risk assessment

The short self-assessment tool is designed to help you recognize risks for a Salmonella outbreak on your dairy operation. FULL STORY »

Best dressed winter calves

Newborn calves at some of the farms of veterinarian Simon Timmermans, DVM, MS, Sibley, Iowa, are fashionably warm in the winter by wearing thrift store clothing. FULL STORY »

YouTube video offers calf disease prevention tips

The informational video highlights the importance of newborn calf protection against E. coli and coronavirus from a veterinarian's perspective. FULL STORY »

Calf morbidity and mortality

Beef calf morbidity and mortality is a multifactorial issue, Kansas State University’s Mike Sanderson, DVM, Dipl. ACT, Dipl. ACVPM, told more than 100 veterinarians, producers and students at last week’s 2013 Cow-Calf at Kansas State University. FULL STORY »

Three times to locomotion score

When is the best time for veterinarians to locomotion score dairy cattle? FULL STORY »

Keep an eye on heifer lameness

Leg structure and health in pre-breeding beef and dairy heifers is important, but often does not get much attention. FULL STORY »

Advice on calf warming boxes

Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of using calf warmers for your newborns. FULL STORY »

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