Practice Tips

Stockmanship matters

Cattlemen's College attendees received some hands-on education Tuesday night on stockmanship at the Florida fairgrounds from livestock handling experts Curt Pate and his daughter Mesa Pate. FULL STORY »

A look at the ropey milk test

The decades-old test for milk quality gives a subjective assessment of teat cleanliness. This podcast explains how the test works and looks at how it's problematic. FULL STORY »

Q & A: Lower critical temperatures for newborn calves

Calving: what an exciting time of year! The “crop” for the next year is hitting the ground, the green grass is growing, and we are enjoying the season of new beginnings well-rested and enthusiastic about ranching, or at least this is how we see it playing out in our dreams. FULL STORY »

No need to delay feedlot implants

Two recent studies by Kansas State University scientists indicate that delaying administering growth-promoting implants to calves did not provide an advantage over implanting immediately upon arrival at a feedlot. FULL STORY »

Watch for grass tetany

Watch for grass tetany during this time of year. Once cool season forages begin to reemerge in your grazing pastures, grass tetany can become a potential problem. FULL STORY »

Pick 10 calves for serum protein testing

Checking the serum total protein of calves is a valuable tool for monitoring a farm’s colostrum program. FULL STORY »

New online Salmonella risk assessment

A new tool is available to help you evaluate whether your dairy is at increased risk for a Salmonella outbreak. FULL STORY »

Use flunixin properly to avoid residue violations

The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service reported an increase in the number of residue violations in culled dairy cows from 2005 to 2010 with flunixin the second most common residue violation. FULL STORY »

Study finds spring calving more likely if barometer on the rise

Beef cattle due in the spring are more likely to give birth when the barometer is on the rise, but warm temperatures are more likely to be a birth trigger for beef cows due in the fall. FULL STORY »

Dairy lameness in winter

Here is some advice on how to tackle hoof problems in winter. FULL STORY »

6 tips to reduce exposure to E. coli

Disease causing bacteria, such as E.coli, can have very negative effects on calves, especially calves under five days of age. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Calf and Heifer Specialist, Jason Leonard, offers tips to aid in reducing the exposure of newborn calves to E.coli and other bacteria. FULL STORY »

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