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Aspergillus and other toxins a threat in feedstuffs

There is no doubt that feed quality will be a challenge this year. Four of the nation’s top producing corn states have already been given permission to blend corn at levels exceeding the United States Food and Drug Administration aflatoxin action level and other states may soon be following in pursuit. FULL STORY »

Strategic sampling for dairy lameness

Washington State University researchers are looking at strategic methods for lameness sampling on dairies. In their report Rationale for a Dairy Herd Lameness Investigation Strategy, the authors offer different sampling scenarios. FULL STORY »

Timing matters in sick cattle evaluation

There are a lot of factors involved in evaluation feedlot cattle for sickness, such as depression, temperature, rumen fill and the rest of the clinical picture. FULL STORY »

Preserving beef quality in dairy cows

Should dairy producers consider themselves beef producers? According to Linda Tikofsky, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., the answer is a resounding “yes!” FULL STORY »

Plan for winter dairy udder health now

Heed this udder health management advice to help you avoid problems this winter. FULL STORY »

Wean early to preserve cow body condition

Early weaning of beef calves can have many advantages, and one of them, especially in a drought year, is to preserve body condition of the cows. FULL STORY »

Watch for trich when rebuilding herds

In some areas of the country hit hardest by drought that culled cows but now are rebuilding herds, diseases like trichomoniasis need to be of top concern. “As cows change hands, diseases move,” says Mac Devin, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim. "We'll be bringing cows back to states like Texas when the drought is over and we are growing more forages." FULL STORY »

Start beef reproductive momentum

There are factors we can’t control in beef cattle reproduction, so we need to pay attention to the factors we can control. FULL STORY »

A toolbox for udder health

New weekly series focuses on tools to help you reduce mastitis incidence and effectively manage mastitis cases. FULL STORY »

Managing abortions on your dairy

Tremendous effort and resources are put toward reproductive management on our dairy farms. Knowing how to evaluate and minimize the risks of abortions in your cows is an important part of your reproductive program. FULL STORY »

Prescription drug take-back day

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG)have created a new brochureto inform pet owners about the importance of properdisposal of unused medications. The brochure is free and available to the general public. FULL STORY »

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