DeLaval wireless Farm Monitoring Camera FMC-IPI

DeLaval launched the Farm Monitoring Camera FMC-IP1, a wireless camera designed to provide real-time monitoring of livestock and buildings from smartphones, tablets or computers. The camera was launched in Europe and Canada earlier this fall, with rollout expected elsewhere in the coming 12 months. Specifically designed for ease of installation and to withstand the dirt and humidity of barns and outdoor weather, it also provides a night vision function and sound, motion detection and a recording function. Technical specification include: maximum resolution – 1280x720; maximum frame rate – 30fps; viewing angle – 90°; IP-classification – IP66; power requirements – DC 12V; and transmitting frequency – 2.412-2.462GHz. Visit


QualiTech® Introduces BOVI-LYSINE

QualiTech, Inc. created BOVI-LYSINE™ rumen-protected lysine as an alternative to feeding blood meal or other lysine sources. Validated at the University of New Hampshire by Charles G. Schwab, Ph.D., BOVI-LYSINE is 47% rumen-protected lysine and delivers 12.69 grams of intestinally available lysine per 100 grams of product fed. The QualiTech patent-pending, rumen-protection technology protects the lysine from degradation in the rumen, while helping deliver the product to the cow’s small intestine where it can be used. The product’s specific gravity allows it to drop to the bottom of the rumen and flow through to the intestine quickly. Visit


Rock River Lab introduces ‘Convenience Routes’

Rock River Laboratory, Inc. introduces Convenience Routes, a new sample pickup system created to save customers time and improve accessibility. The routes connect handy business locations throughout north-central and northeast Wisconsin regions with drivers gathering samples from designated drop boxes and transporting them back to the laboratory to proceed with analysis.

Two routes are currently in place, with over 20 locations available for sample drop off:

  • the north-central Wisconsin route, a morning route covering the area between Merrill, Neillsville and Sheldon, Wis.
  • the Packerland Convenience Route, with evening pickups, overs the area between West Bend, Denmark and Shawano, Wis.

Visit Rock River Laboratory’s website at to get exact drop box location addresses and to find updates on new locations being added regularly.