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Planning underway for BRD symposium
AABP releases "Partial Budgeting" webinar
NSAIDs could reduce impact of shipping
Bovine emergency response
Genes could hold key to TB resistance in cattle
State trich standards focus of one-day forum
3 beef health-related publications available
What matters in heifer selection
Bison have Montana ranchers on edge with brucellosis exposure
Genetic selection could produce cattle resistant to larkspurs
Planning underway for BRD symposium
The Bovine Respiratory Disease Symposium (BRDS) 2014, titled “New Approaches to Bovine Respiratory Disease Prevention, Management and Diagnosis,” will take place in Denver on July 30 and 31. The symposium will precede the 2014 Summer Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) meeting, which runs from July 31 to August 2. Read More
AABP releases "Partial Budgeting" webinar
Building off of its first webinar, this second session will help veterinarians determine the value of a service. Read More
NSAIDs could reduce impact of shipping
Use of anti-inflammatory medications may reduce stress of shipping cattle, according to ISU veterinary researchers Read More
Bovine emergency response
During the recent Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, a group of specialists conducted training for first responders dealing with emergencies involving livestock, such as trailer rollovers. Iowa State University Extension veterinarian Jan Shearer describes the training and its application to veterinarians. Watch Video
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Genes could hold key to TB resistance in cattle
Researchers at University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute have identified genes in cattle that could allow genetic selection for resistance to bovine tuberculosis (bTB). Their paper, titled “Genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with resistance to bovine tuberculosis,” is published in the journal Heredity. Read More
State trichomoniasis standards focus of one-day forum
The National Institute for Animal Agriculture and the U.S. Animal Health Association are partnering to provide the beef industry with a one-day “Joint Forum on Trichomoniasis Standards” on Thursday, April 3, in Omaha, Neb. Read More
Introducing affordable in-clinic pregnancy testing
The IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test is the only blood-based bovine pregnancy test that can be run in-clinic and read visually. Now veterinarians can integrate serum/plasma pregnancy testing along with palpation and ultrasound into the services they provide. The test offers added convenience for veterinary clinics, eliminating the need for ELISA instrumentation. Learn more.
Three new beef health-related publications now available
Three new beef health-related publications are now available through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach online store. Iowa State Extension beef veterinarian Grant Dewell authored the publications and said each addresses a specific concern. Read More
What matters in heifer selection
Animal scientist Jerry Lipsey, PhD, spent his career with breed associations and in academia. At this year’s Cattlemen’s College, he outlined some basic criteria for selecting replacement females that will contribute to productivity and profitability Watch Video
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Bison have Montana ranchers on edge with brucellosis exposure
Yellowstone is the homeland for an estimated 4,600 bison in the United States’ last purebred herd — and half are estimated to be exposed to brucellosis. Read More
Genetic selection could produce cattle resistant to larkspurs
Cattle are not picky eaters: Put them in a pasture with toxic plants and edible grasses, and they quickly swallow both. For ranchers, this diet comes at a heavy price, with up to 10 percent of steers that graze fields containing toxic larkspurs dying after eating the poisonous plants. Read More
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