December 22, 2012

Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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Dairy disease study needs vet input

The University of Kentucky Dairy Extension team is conducting a survey of the treatment costs associated with common U.S. dairy cattle diseases as part of a larger modeling effort to estimate disease costs.The team is seeking input from dairy veterinarians on an anonymous survey.
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NFAVI tackles rural practice infrastructure

The National Food Animal Veterinary Institute last week met in Kansas City, Mo., with representatives from state and government entities including the USDA, FDA and departments of agriculture, as well as industry organizations such as AABP, AVMA, AAVMC and others.
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Hurd vs. Consumer Reports — I’ll bet on Hurd

Consumer Reports has been busy this year putting out its pseudo-science and recommendations for the public on what/how they should eat and where they should get it. Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD, has no problem taking them to task on their shaky data.
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Questions continue on EHD

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) reared its ugly head in several states this year and took many producers and veterinarians by surprise. EHD can cause severe die-offs in white-tailed deer, and can also be a concern in cattle herds.
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MLVs are not your only option

Compelling new research from university and industry experts has revealed evidence that reproductive losses in cattle could be attributed to commonly recommended IBR modified-live vaccine protocols. Visit to learn more about the research along with firsthand experience to keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

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Revisit clients’ sharps program

Cattle operations use a lot of needles whether they are for vaccinations or the administration of drug treatments. Disposing of needles continues to be an important safety issue for producers, their employees, veterinarians and the environment.
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Antibiotic residue prevention manual available in Spanish

The National Milk Producers Federation has released a revised version of its Spanish residue prevention manual for 2013.
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Mortality management videos

A series of online videos that address frequently asked questions about managing animal carcasses is now available.
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Researchers to study causes of stillborn calves

Penn State will be conducting a survey to identify causes of stillborn calves in dairy and beef herds in Pennsylvania.
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