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Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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AVC rocks the Rockies

The Academy of Veterinary Consultants’ winter meeting set a record of more than 300 veterinarians in attendance last week in Denver. Now in its 40th year, the AVC is group made up of primarily feedlot and cow-calf veterinarians.
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KSU professor says consumers to impact livestock antibiotic use

A Kansas State University professor says consumer interest groups will pressure the Food and Drug Administration to put more restrictions on animal antibiotic use, creating a bigger role for large animal veterinarians.
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January KSU Cow-Calf Conference

The Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine will host a cow-calf conference for veterinarians and producers on Friday, Jan. 11. The conference is designed to advance knowledge of reproduction, calving, and calf care in breeding herds.
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Study details feedlot trends

Cattle feeders know management back on the ranch affects the health and performance of cattle during the feeding period, and they use pre-arrival information in their management decisions. Those were some of the key points USDA veterinarian Dave Dargatz presented during the Academy of Veterinary Consultants meeting last week.
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Do you ultrasound?

No? You and your clients could be missing out on:
- Fetal viability, gender and twin diagnosis
- Earlier detection
- Less days open
- Higher fertility rates
- Less body strain
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Indiana takes on raw milk

The raw milk issue continues to heat up in Indiana, with some consumer groups pushing for legislation that will allow raw milk sales to consumers.
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Commentary: Anxiety over antibiotics — again

Consumers Union claims to have discovered yet another pathogen in numerous samples of fresh pork. But as always, the real issue isn’t the presence of bacteria, it’s the use of antibiotics.
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When you hear hoof beats ...

While in veterinary school, we were taught about many different diseases and the signs associated with those diseases. Some were common and others were very uncommon or exotic.
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Some key points on beef cattle minerals

At last week’s Academy of Veterinary Consultants’ winter meeting in Denver, Connie K. Larson, PhD, Zinpro Performance Minerals, discussed mineral supplementation in beef cattle. One of the key points Larson noted is that while it can’t tell you everything about animal performance, mineral analysis provides a basis for decisions in a herd, and that analysis can also help with diagnosing some herd problems.
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Help Take on Scours

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