Nov. 10, 2012

Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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North Dakota defeats Measure 5

North Dakota farmers and ranchers won a battle against anti-animal agriculture groups when ballot initiative Measure 5 was defeated in Tuesday’s elections.
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BQA launches new campaign

In the coming months, at your local auction market, you may see posters and displays for the new Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) residue avoidance campaign, Control residues. Every animal, every time. The communications effort was created to build awareness of the checkoff-funded BQA program and its residue avoidance guidelines.
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What are your food-animal vet school rankings?

U.S. News and World Report has ranked veterinary schools for their 2011 year in the U.S. Cornell University took top honors.
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Cow age and treatment response

Treatment response in mastitis cases is not just a bug-drug interaction. The complexities of the cow’s immune status as well as her age can also have an effect. Older cattle have a greater risk of both subclinical and clinical mastitis, and poorer responses to treatment compared to younger cattle.
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Drover Cattle Network

Why 'like' Bovine Vet’s Facebook page?

Are you active in social media or just like to “lurk” around a little bit? Have you joined the Facebook revolution yet? If you have, make sure to “like” Bovine Veterinarian’s Facebook page.
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Create momentum in yearling heifers

Yearling heifers need to be on a good plane of nutrition to meet their growth needs. “Because mature cows will maintain body weight on moderate-quality forage, some ranchers forget that growing yearling heifers will not gain the weight they need to reach puberty on the same quality of forage,” says Bob Larson, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACT, Dipl. ACVPM, Kansas State University.
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Age at first calving declines

A report from the Penn State Extension team indicates that age at first calving for dairy heifers continues to decline, which in turn can save producers money.
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AHA to offer breed-specific DNA profile

The American Hereford Association announced a breed-specific DNA profile enabling genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences. In partnership with GeneSeek, a Neogen Corporation Company, the Hereford GE-EPDs are powered initially by the GeneSeek Bovine 50K and soon available through the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler.
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Help take on scours

ScourGuard® 4KC helps provide broad scours protection for your cows' newborn calves. Tough mothers know best. Contact your veterinarian or Pfizer Animal Health representative, or visit for more information.




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