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Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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Controversies in animal welfare

Animal welfare and improving, monitoring and evaluating it are a high priority for the American Meat Institute and its members. But animal welfare, specifically for cattle and swine, is a complex subject not without its own controversies. At the 2012 AMI Animal Care & Handling Conference this week in Kansas City, Mo., veterinary experts discussed the interface between animal welfare and consumers.
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USDA accreditation at AVC

For those veterinarians whose USDA veterinary accreditation renewal dates are in January 2013, three accreditation modules will be offered immediately after the winter Academy of Veterinary Consultants meeting on Saturday, Dec. 1, in Denver.
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Do you know if these drug uses are legal?

Virginia Fajt, DVM, PhD, offers these examples of drug use in food-animals, and explains why they are or are not legal under FDA regulations.
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Handling on the feedlot and in the plant

Animal handling at the packing plant or the feedyard both follow the same basic principles. If you are training or monitoring feedlot employees, Temple Grandin, PhD, Colorado State University, offers advice on the key areas to emphasize.
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dairy nutrition

Lower milking cow feed costs

At the 2012 American Association of Bovine Practitioners’ conference in Montreal in September, Greg Bethard, PhD, spoke to bovine veterinarians about dairy economics, including ways to lower milking cow feed costs.
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Cleanliness key to successful calf management

Colostrum and calories are key elements in successful calf management. However, cleanliness of the physical environment is equally important to the overall well-being of a calf.
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Scientists respond to Murphy’s E. coli commentary

Three scientists who have extensive experience evaluating technologies to fight E. coli O157, respond to “Playing the blame game” commentary by Dan Murphy. “We know the science — E. coli O157 can be controlled at multiple points of the beef chain, including in live cattle,” they said.
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An interview with Bovicoli bovis

Howdy from a deep, dark crevice of cow 4211! The smell of fall is the in air. What a relief after that long, hot summer. I cannot tell you how many relatives I lost, mostly because I cannot count, but that is beside the point.
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