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No on 5

N.D. Animal Stewards battle Measure 5

Several animal and veterinary organizations in North Dakota have banded together as the North Dakota Animal Stewards to fight Measure 5, a ballot initiative slated for the November elections.
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Commentary: Animal abuse is livestock industry’s Achilles heel

Three workers allegedly caught abusing animals via an undercover video put the jobs of 500 employees at risk, and maybe the success of an entire industry. Livestock organizations already have “zero tolerance” programs in place, but the results fall short of zero incidences.
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EHD can be a threat to cattle

EHD is a virus that is spread by biting midges and black flies that primarily affects deer, but can also infect cattle and other ruminants.
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Strategic sampling for dairy lameness

Washington State University researchers are looking at strategic methods for lameness sampling on dairies. In their report Rationale for a Dairy Herd Lameness Investigation Strategy, the authors offer different sampling scenarios.
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AgriTalk: Forward Thinking, Straight Talk

AgriTalk is a live, one-hour talk radio program heard in more than 65 markets in the Midwest. The format is designed to link producers, ranchers and rural consumers via discussions of various lifestyle, consumer and agricultural issues. Hosted by award-winning Mike Adams, AgriTalk can be heard on more than 70 stations in the U.S. from 10:06-11:00 a.m. CDT Monday through Friday. Listen live.

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feedlot cattle

Timing matters in sick cattle evaluation

There are a lot of factors involved in evaluation feedlot cattle for sickness, such as depression, temperature, rumen fill and the rest of the clinical picture. Other factors can also enhance or hinder evaluation of cattle.
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Plan for winter dairy udder health now

Sudden shifts in the weather are a stark reminder that dairy producers need to plan ahead to maintain udder health during the winter. "Winter teat-end lesions are easily triggered when the temperature drops 20 degrees," says J.W. Schroeder, North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist. "With inevitable cold winter weather on its way, the advent of teat-end lesions is likely to predispose cows to mastitis."
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Preserving beef quality in dairy cows

Should dairy producers consider themselves beef producers? According to Linda Tikofsky, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., the answer is a resounding “yes!”
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Reminder on cephalosporins

On April 5, the FDA-CVM issued an order prohibiting certain uses of the cephalosporin class of antimicrobial drugs in cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys.
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