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Isaac has $238K impact on La. cattle industry

In a Sept. 7 report, "Preliminary Estimates of the Economic Impacts to Agriculture in Louisiana from Hurricane Isaac," Kurt Guidry, of the LSU Ag Center, notes that 201 cattle died, another 3,250 cattle were evacuated from the affected areas, and approximately 1,300 bales of stored hay were lost (in contrast, thousands of cattle perished during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita).
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Register for the fall ADVC meeting

The Fall Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants meeting will take place Oct. 19-20 in Half Moon Bay, Calif., and will include topics on milk fat depression, forages and byproducts feeding.
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Transition cow facility planning and remodeling dairy barns

Using the new Dairyland Initiative program, which stores in one easy to access location all the information you need to build or remodel a dairy barn, Drs. Nigel Cook and Ken Nordlund will walk you through the steps you need to take to create facilities that make your cows happy, healthy and productive at a seminar Nov. 1-2.
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New administration location for Excede®

Pfizer Animal Health announced two new, convenient base of ear locations for subcutaneous administration have been approved in beef and dairy cattle for Excede® (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension. These new techniques are in addition to the existing base of ear “toward the opposite eye” approved route of administration for all cattle, as well as the “middle third of the ear,” which is approved in beef cattle and dairy heifers less than 20 months of age.
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Ibex® Portable Ultrasound, No One Does Portable Better!

E.I. Medical Imaging® for 28 years, the company's core values have remained intact: putting the customer first and delivering solid, effective portable ultrasound solutions. The Ibex® is made for use by veterinarians specializing in bovine practices engineered for detailed image quality and ultra-portability. Visit us at AABP and Register to WIN a 33% Discount or register online! Also check out our new line-up for "Arms-Free" scanning, specialty curved linear transducer, aspiration device, and more!

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plate of food

Thank goodness — farmers won’t wipe out the human race

Recently, a report from Stanford University indicated that organic food essentially is not superior to conventionally-grown food. Researchers from Stanford’s Center for Health Policy reviewed 237 studies that compared either the health of people who ate organic or conventional foods, or, more commonly, nutrient and contaminant levels in the foods.
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Weaning and receiving calf management

The nutritionists and consultants at Great Plains Livestock Consulting Inc., Eagle, Neb., offer these recommendations for weaning and receiving calves.
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Corn silage considerations during drought

This year the drought has put a lot of stress on cattle feeders. Because of low yields, many cornfields were harvested as silage for cattle feed. The current question is, how can silage be used best to keep costs down?
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Fall calves can face challenges from harsh summer

The heat of summer may soon be over but the lasting effects of hot weather are far from behind us. Many cattle producers will begin to see the continued impact of this summer’s hot, dry weather as fall calving season begins.
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Easi-Scan ultrasound, it's just easier. Win yours at the AABP Conference

Visit us in Montreal to win an Easi-Scan. If you are not using ultrasound, you and your clients are missing out on: earlier detection, less days open, higher fertility rates, less body strain, fetal viability, gender and twin diagnosis. Go here to learn how you can win your own Easi-Scan.



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