Revisit clients’ sharps program

Cattle operations use a lot of needles whether they are for vaccinations or the administration of drug treatments. Disposing of needles continues to be an important safety issue for producers, their employees, veterinarians and the environment. FULL STORY »

Hurd vs. Consumer Reports – I’ll bet on Hurd

Consumer Reports has been busy this year putting out its pseudo-science and recommendations for the public on what/how they should eat and where they should get it. Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD, has no problem taking them to task on their shaky data. FULL STORY »

U.S.-Canadian vet drug approval a good sign

The first joint drug approval could open the door to food animal drugs as well. FULL STORY »

KSU professor says consumers to impact livestock antibiotic use

A Kansas State University professor says consumer interest groups will pressure the Food and Drug Administration to put more restrictions on animal antibiotic use, creating a bigger role for large animal veterinarians. FULL STORY »

Indiana takes on raw milk

The raw milk issue continues to heat up in Indiana, with some consumer groups pushing for legislation that will allow raw milk sales to consumers. FULL STORY »

Study details feedlot trends

Cattle feeders know management back on the ranch affects the health and performance of cattle during the feeding period, and they use pre-arrival information in their management decisions. Those were some of the key points USDA veterinarian Dave Dargatz presented during the Academy of Veterinary Consultants meeting last week in Denver. FULL STORY »

15 years of FDA and antibiotics

Consumer media seems to like to point fingers at the FDA for what they believe is inaction on the use of antibiotics in food animals. But Rich Carnevale, VMD, Animal Health Institute, says the FDA has taken many actions regarding food animal antimicrobials in the last 15 years. FULL STORY »

Approving antibiotics – what’s the problem?

In an era of instant-everything, it’s hard to understand why we can’t develop, research and bring to market new antibiotics for animals that can solve disease issues as well as prevent antibiotic-resistance in the human population. FULL STORY »

Antibiotic issues that need to be addressed

Participants at the NIAA Antibiotics Symposium yesterday were separated into more than15 small groups to identify the most important issues that need to be addressed regarding antibiotic use and resistance (in humans and animals). FULL STORY »

Animal antimicrobial use today

When looking at how antimicrobials are used in animals and humans, it’s important to carefully look at the differences between the groups. FULL STORY »

Antimicrobial resistance – a polarizing issue

Antimicrobial resistance is never going to go away and we will never completely win. “But, there are key battles we should and must win,” says Lonnie King, DVM, MS, MPA, Dipl. ACVP, dean of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. FULL STORY »

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