Iowa Farm Animal Care

The Iowa Farm Animal Care Coalition is designed to answer Iowans' questions about farm animal care and assist farmers in farm animal care resources to help ensure all Iowa farm animals benefit from the latest science-based animal care standards. FULL STORY »

FDA releases report on antimicrobials for food-producing animals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine released its third annual report summarizing 2011 sales and distribution data of antimicrobial drugs approved for use in food-producing animals. FULL STORY »

Antibiotic white paper available

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture has available a white paper, “A One Health Approach to Antimicrobial Use & Resistance: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose,” from its 2012 Antimicrobial Use & Resistance Symposium. FULL STORY »

New ID rules take effect in March

The USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service has published new rules governing the traceability of interstate livestock movement in the Jan. 9 Federal Register. These rules are scheduled to take effect March 11. FULL STORY »

Animal rights groups exploit “gap of knowledge”

Animal rights groups have changed their tactics in recent years. Rather than run inflammatory ads in newspapers, or throw pies at pork queens, they’re determined to build business-to-business relationships with food companies. FULL STORY »

CDC warns against raw milk...again

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control, which looked at the top culprits of food-borne illnesses, found that raw milk was one of the top offenders. FULL STORY »

'Grim return' of Schmallenberg virus in U.K.

Schmallenberg virus has made a “grim return” in 2013, according to researchers at The University of Nottingham Veterinary School. FULL STORY »

Input needed on USDA insect/tick research

USDA ARS to hold a stakeholder workshop via webinars and its website to gather input on research needs for suppression and control of insects and ticks that affect livestock, poultry and people. FULL STORY »

Technology and values focus of NIAA meeting

With the world’s population projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, the challenge of feeding a growing global population is daunting. This year’s National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s (NIAA) Annual Conference, April 15-17 in Louisville, Ky., will focus on two key factors—technology and values—that need to marry to make feeding the world’s growing global population a consumer-acceptable reality. FULL STORY »

NCBA applauds disease traceability rule

With the publication of the final Animal Disease Traceability rule in the Federal Register, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association compliments the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) on creating a final rule that includes many of the comments submitted by NCBA on behalf of cattle producers across the country. FULL STORY »

Federal traceability rule takes effect on February 26

The USDA on Thursday issued its long-awaited final rule for animal disease traceability, drawing praise from some corners and attacks from others. The new rule will require official identification for animals crossing state lines, with several significant exceptions. FULL STORY »

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