The Journal of Dairy Science® (JDS) announced the availability of four “Article Collections” – compilations of significant papers and research developments within a particular subject area. All papers have been published in the JDS.

The following collections are now available at


• Estrus Technology Collection. Compiled by Karmella Dolecheck, Lauren Mayo and Jeffrey Bewley, University of Kentucky. This compilation represents papers in automated estrus detection. The collection provides a broad view of the progression of technologies over time and the adoption of and criteria for evaluating technologies.


• JDS Mastitis and Milk Quality Collection. Compiled by Pamela L. Ruegg, University of Wisconsin. This collection has been compiled to represent articles that illustrate key concepts in the understanding and control of mastitis. It does not include papers dealing with milking machines or sensing technologies. The papers are ordered chronologically and represent the evolution of the disease over more than half a century. It is hoped that review of these papers will help future researchers build on past knowledge.


• Pregnancy Diagnosis and Resynchronization Collection. Compiled by Paulo D. Carvalho, Rafael Barletta and Paul M. Fricke, Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison. This compilation represents the most significant papers published in JDS on methods for pregnancy diagnosis and strategies for resynchronization of ovulation in lactating dairy cows.


• Editor's Choice. This compilation features articles selected by the Editor-In-Chief as being especially notable for their contribution to dairy science, specifically in the areas of dairy foods and dairy production (physiology, management, nutrition, and genetics). Editor's Choice is a feature of each Journal issue, and articles selected are made available for free access.


Current and future collections will contain both open access/non-embargoed articles and embargoed articles.  Anyone, member or nonmember, can read the full text of open access articles in a collection; however, only ADSA members have free access to the full text of embargoed articles (those published in most recent 12 issues of JDS). Nonmembers must pay for the full-text article in order to read an embargoed article. Free access to all articles in every collection is another great reason to be a member of ADSA (e-membership qualifies). If you are not currently a member, you can join by going to clicking “Membership” and then “Join.”