The creators of the VetPrep online veterinary board exam review announced the release of a brand new mobile app for veterinary professionals.  ViralVet enables veterinary professionals to share challenging cases instantly with a global community, making it easy to collaborate, learn, and share intriguing, rare, or exciting cases.

The free app features a live, customizable feed that can be browsed by species and specialties and is searchable, by tags or keywords.  In addition to viewing, users can post their own photos to share discoveries or solicit professional opinions on cases that are interesting, novel, challenging, or didactic.

The educational nature of ViralVet really shines when it comes to content. Users can comment on posts and stay updated on conversations they are a part of with notifications.  Importantly, users are encouraged to request verification as a veterinary professional to better ensure that others know who they're talking to.  Verified users receive a digital checkmark next to their name throughout the app and their contributions are more highly ranked than non-verified users.  A screening process limits the conversations to veterinary professionals as ViralVet is not for pet owners soliciting medical opinions.

At the core of ViralVet is an enthusiastic team of moderators consisting of experienced veterinarians and specialists, not only regularly posting their own photos, but also reviewing new posts from others to be sure content is relevant and appropriate.  Stellar, credible content is ViralVet’s mission.

“ViralVet is going to inject efficiency, fun and engagement back into communicating and collaborating,” said VetPrep co-founder and small animal surgeon Dr. Mauricio Dujowich.  “The best thing about ViralVet is you find yourself learning without even trying.”

“Already, we have seen patients and clinicians benefit from ideas and suggestions of the ViralVet community,” added Dr. Ira Gordon, VetPrep co-founder and a veterinary radiation oncologist.  “Such a fast and interactive way for our community to collaborate is long overdue.”

ViralVet is available at no cost for iPhone and Android now in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and select Caribbean and European countries.