Would you like to obtain a broad experience in veterinary medicine and cow calf and feedlot beef cattle production in Brazil? Come learn more about Brazil’s vibrant and exciting beef cattle industry! On the 2015 ISU Study Abroad trip to Brazil, you can plan on a unique learning experience and introduction to beef cattle veterinary medicine in Brazil. Veterinary students, pre-vet undergraduates and graduate students are eligible to apply for the study-abroad program. 

The proposed Itinerary includes:

·         Visit industry and university research facilities to learn more about cutting edge research related to beef cattle. 

·         Tour commercial feedlots and learn about the feedlot production phase in Brazil and compare and contrast it with US feeding. 

·         Explore Brazil’s access to unique feedstuffs by touring a feed mill and an ethanol, sugar cane and algae meal plant to learn how these feeds are processed and utilized in feeding Brazil’s beef cattle.  

·         Visit Brazilian cow calf ranches and grazing operations and learn more about the Brazilian cow calf sector. 

·         Learn about Brazil’s crucial sustainability plan for its beef cattle as well as challenges and opportunities the Brazilians face in this area. 

·         Visit a Brazilian vet school and learn more about how Brazilian veterinarians are trained and meet some of your Brazilian vet school contemporaries.

·         Learn about cattle marketing in Brazil and visit an auction and ground fair.

·         Study participants will also visit a packing plant and learn more about Brazil’s pre and post-harvest food safety measures.

Organizers encourage students to apply soon, as the course is filling up quickly. For more details including a tentative itinerary, application deadlines and fees, visit this ISU website.  

For more information, contact:

Dr. Renee Dewell


Dr. Grant Dewell


Katie Davidson