A comprehensive spring vaccination program can help beef producers address risks and help prevent the damaging effects of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), stimulate the immune system and help provide duration of immunity, says J.P. Pollreisz, DVM, Cattle and Equine Technical Services, Zoetis.

“For producers considering a branding and turnout vaccination program, veterinarian collaboration is essential,” Dr. Pollreisz says. “Veterinarians are familiar with their client’s operation, know the challenges that are inherent to the area or that particular herd, and they will ultimately be the producer’s strongest resource for determining vaccination needs.”

To help protect calves from the pathogens that can lead to BRD, producers can gain comprehensive disease prevention with INFORCE™ 3, ONE SHOT® and BOVI-SHIELD GOLD® BVD.

“It’s important for producers to be concerned about both viral and bacterial pathogens because they work in synergy to ultimately develop into BRD,” Dr. Pollreisz says. “INFORCE 3, ONE SHOT and BOVI-SHIELD GOLDBVD will help protect calves from the major pathogens.”

To learn more about the importance of proper respiratory disease prevention, watch the video or contact your veterinarian or Zoetis representative.