Farm supply retailer Southern States Cooperative has released new beef cattle nutrition products designed to maximize genetic potential.

Dubbed “Genetic Expression,” the beef nutrition program—which includes feed, supplements, blocks and tubs—incorporates organic selenium, Zinpro Availa4, IntelliBond, and yeast compounds to support gut health, immunity, sperm quality and strong hooves.

“Every animal has a genetic profile providing the framework for its future,” said Mike Peacock, Southern States’ manager of beef nutrition. “From the point of conception, forward, nutrition is a major determining factor for how much genetic potential the animal actually expresses,” he added.

Recent research has looked at the relationship between genetics and nutrition in beef cattle and their influence on one another.

“Often animals selected for greater productivity produce offspring that perform no different than the previous calf crops,” Peacock noted. “This can be attributed to a nutritional deficiency. If they’re genetically capable of growing at a faster rate, nutrient supply becomes vital to the development of the cattle.”

Southern States worked with renowned nutritional research organization, Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) to develop the program. CRF researches the latest nutritional and management concepts and reviews university research to conduct their own feeding trials.

“We look for ways to improve the feed efficiency and economics of beef production,” said CRF’s general manager, Dave Ott. “The knowledge gained was applied to this program to help create nutritional products that support cattle and help producers meet the genetic potential they have bred into their cattle.”

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