Mark Schwab joined Quality Management, Inc. (QMI) as general manager one year ago. “Our goal was to identify an industry thought leader that had knowledge on the specific science and technology of our business who could assist us in charting the path for our continued innovation and growth,” says QMI founder and president, Darrell Bigalke. The St. Paul-based company, founded in 1983, is a recognized leader in aseptic liquid sampling systems and transfer devices for the dairy, beverage and other liquids, and biotech/pharmaceutical industries.

“QMI’s success was well established on my arrival,” says Schwab, who joined the company from his position as director of analytical chemistry at Pace Analytical Life Sciences. Many of the largest dairy, water and beverage producers in the U.S. trust QMI’s sampling equipment for its accuracy, ease of use and proven reduction in the occurrence of contamination. “Food safety and quality have always been priorities for QMI and its customers,” states Schwab. “Now, as food security becomes an area of even greater focus, QMI provides valuable solutions.” 

The company has seen double-digit sales growth this past year, as it has simultaneously invested in ongoing research and strategic, industry-leading product development that will launch in the near future. Additionally, QMI is prepared to assist the efforts of dairy farmers, dairy truck haulers and dairy producers in meeting the anticipated new federal government food safety guidelines.

“My first year at QMI has been focused on participating in industry leader conversations, particularly focused on the subject of food safety and sampling in the dairy industry,” says Schwab. Moving forward, he will focus on defining the company’s overall vision and commitment to exceptional performance. “I believe our growth opportunities are exponential with the proven performance of the differentiated products that we offer today and are developing for tomorrow.

“Our goal is to anticipate industry need and then deliver systems to our diverse customer base that are affordable and easy-to-implement so that any required changes are seamless and stress-free,” explains Schwab. “As a result, our customers can provide the best possible product to their end users while also preventing unnecessary losses from inaccurate testing.”

Since 1982, Minnesota-based QMI has been dedicated to its mission of providing safe, highly accurate and aseptic microbial sampling and transfer devices that are user-friendly and cost effective, thereby measurably improving productivity for customers. The company provides its products to customers in North and South America, Asia, Asia/Middle East, Australia and Europe.