Better health, heavier sale weights and higher bids at auction are just some of the benefits of a sound preconditioning program, and calf values this year make health assurances more valuable than usual. Offering the latest on the health and pocketbook benefits of precondition, Drovers/CattleNetwork and Bovine Veterinarian are offering a free webinar on demand.

The webinar features Kansas State University beef-cattle veterinarian Brad White and MFA HealthTrack director and past president of NCBA Mike John.

White outlines weaning management and preconditioning health protocols for optimum immunity, and John focuses on the economic benefits, detailing how heavier sale weights, less shrink and price premiums add up to significantly higher margins for ranchers. MFA Health Track helps producers verify and capture value for their preconditioning programs, and this year registered their 500,000th calf in the program.

View the webinar here.