Pneu-Dart is proud to announce the release of its Remote Drug Delivery online education program.  Remote Drug Delivery has been hailed by many as a revolutionary advancement in livestock health care, providing producers with an effective method of treating livestock when conventional methods are unwarranted.  With RDD, producers of any size can benefit from delivering treatment at the onset of infection.

 The goal of Pneu-Dart's online education program is to educate cattle producers of every size on Best Practices for integrating RDD into their herd health program. The program includes:

An overview of the Veterinarian Client Patient relationship with valuable insight into working with a veterinarian over distance 

·         How to achieve ideal impact when delivering an effective dose of prescribed medication remotely.

·         How to select the proper equipment.

·         How to consistently achieve shot placement in the O-Zone™ target area.

·         How to properly maintain the equipment to ensure a lifetime of effective service.

·         How to avoid costly mistakes in the use and management of a remote drug delivery system.

To view the full course objectives and see a sample of the program, visit the company's website. 

The development of the RDD online education campaign is part of a larger initiative Pneu-Dart has undertaken in support of the cattle industry.  In December 2015, Pneu-Dart sponsored a one-hour television show on RFD-TV on which a panel of veterinarians discussed the proper role of RDD in food animal production.  Pneu-Dart is currently developing a campaign to support the Treat Right Foundation, a company-sponsored initiative to sponsor further research into the effects and value of remote drug delivery.

According to company President Blair D. Soars, these initiatives are motivated by the company's primary mission: to provide the tools for humane medical treatment for all animals and support those who care for them.