Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC (NPC) enthusiastically announces the launch of the “Bovamine® Brackets™ Challenge,” a tournament based on the outcome of the March 2015 Men’s Basketball Tournament. In the Challenge, beef and dairy cattle producers who enter a winning bracket are eligible to receive a one-year lease on the pickup truck of their choice or a vacation travel voucher, both valued at $7,500.

“Every year, America is consumed by the battle of the basketball brackets,” says Tony Arnold, president and CEO of NPC, makers of Bovamine Defend® and Bovamine® Dairy products. “We know that many of our beef and dairy cattle customers partake in this tradition so, this year, Bovamine® is joining in the competitive fun and offering some sought-after prizes for our friends in the industry.”

Participants are invited to enter the contest by visiting the Bovamine® website,, and completing a bracket. The entry period begins March 15 and closes at 12 p.m. EDT on March 19, 2015. Once the tournament begins, the Bovamine® website will be updated regularly to track progress and ultimately recognize winners. The contestant with the highest points at the end of the Challenge will win the grand prize; however, they won’t be the only winner amidst the madness. A runner up will be awarded a $4,000 voucher and weekly prizes of $500 will go to participants who correctly select winning teams for the second, third and fourth rounds.

Complete rules, including required verification of eligibility and delivery of the grand prize, are available at