Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC (NPC), makers of BOVAMINE DAIRY, the most widely used probiotic products in the dairy industry, introduces two new stabilized products for dairy calves and heifers – BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer and BOVAMINE® DAIRY Milk Replacer Supplement.

The new BOVAMINE® DAIRY calf and heifer products deliver NPC’s beneficial bacteria in stabilized formulations that give dairy producers greater flexibility on how to incorporate probiotics into their feed. Both products can be added to the feed mix or pellets at the feed mill, and delivered ready-to-use to the dairy. On-farm mixing is no longer the only option to feed BOVAMINE DAIRY.

The stabilized calf and heifer products provide the same BOVAMINE DAIRY support for the development of a healthy GI tract and digestive function to enhance feed intake, as well as working with the animal’s natural defenses to reduce harmful bacteria in the gut to support the immune system.

“As experts in microbial technology, we’re committed to bringing new probiotic solutions to the market to improve the health of animals and to serve as a trusted partner to our customers with all sizes of operations,” said Tony Arnold, president and CEO of NPC. “Years of research, development and testing went into creating these new stabilized calf and heifer formulations that support immune function and improved performance.”

The stabilized BOVAMINE DAIRY Calf and Heifer and BOVAMINE® DAIRY Milk Replacer Supplement formulations are now available at local feed suppliers, or from an NPC representative at 1-877-780-6300.

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