Veterinarians have enough on their plates. And with the implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) January 2017, their workload will only increase. But a new tool just might pick up some slack, and meet practitioners where they are — whether that’s the office, truck, feedlot pens or pasture.

Veterinarians are able to send electronic veterinary feed directives from their desktop, tablet, or other mobile device using the simple interface provided by eVFD Solutions.

Founder/Director Lauren Urbanczyk says she worked with programmers to develop the tool because she believed there was a great need for a service that would take the burden off of the veterinarian. She says the greatest advantage eVFD Solutions offers is its flexibility.

“The entire industry is still trying to determine just what ‘service’ is the most valuable,” Urbanczyk says. “Is it being able to generate VFDs from an iPad in the field, as quickly and effortlessly as possible? Is it being able to organize, track, and store those VFDs once they are sent/received? Or is it having someone to help with data entry to log all of your customer data into the system so you, as a user, can hit the ground running? As we all adapt to this new ruling, needs will change, but we are flexible enough to adapt quickly.”

Another advantage is a slimmed-down platform that offers practitioners everything they need and nothing they don’t: Electronic VFDs and everything that entails.

“We believe you should only pay for what you need,” she says. “And as the needs of the industry grow, so will we.”