Cattle producers now have another weapon in their arsenal against parasites. Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) introduced a new applicator gun for its Synanthic® (oxfendazole) bovine dewormer suspension. The applicator gun allows cattle producers to more easily and accurately deworm their cattle against damaging internal parasites.

The durable gun is made of metal and holds up to tough conditions and the wear and tear of handling cattle. It also features a dial-a-dose system that gives producers the option to easily adjust dosage units for different cattle weights. The gun is made specifically for use with Synanthic.

Synanthic is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic effective for the removal and control of lungworms, roundworms and tapeworms in cattle. SYNANTHIC is a low-dose product, requiring just five mL per 550 pounds of body weight. With the new dial-a-dose system, producers are able to quickly adjust between three and 15 mL, providing more accurate dosing and reduced product waste, with less processing time and stress.

“We have a responsibility to use dewormers as judiciously as possible to help prevent resistance,” said Mitch Johnson, senior marketing manager at BI. “Synanthic uses a concentrated solution, which allows for a lower dose, so you can get more deworming done with less dewormer. We invested in the new applicator gun to make the application experience the best it can be for both the animal and our customers.”

Contact your BI representative to learn more about the applicator gun and how it can help ease your deworming process.