MS Biotec has been providing the feedlot, dairy, and calf industry with Megasphaera elsdenii, a highly prolific lactic acid-utilizing bacteria, to aid in the transition from high forage to high concentrate diets since late 2010.   

MS Biotec is the only company in the world selling Megasphaera elsdenii commercially and is proud to announce the release of their second generation product, Lactipro advance.  Producers have requested a smaller drench size and MS Biotec listened.  MS Biotec’s dedicated R&D team has improved the manufacturing process, which has allowed them to cut the size of the oral drench in half while still providing the same number of Megasphaera elsdenii to the animal.  This makes application easier, improves retention of the product, and decreases storage room required for the product.


Lactipro advance is orally drenched to feedlot cattle (50 mL/hd) at initial processing prior to the introduction of concentrate based diets, dairy cows (100 mL/hd) approximately 3 days after calving, and baby calves (25 mL/hd) at approximately 14 days of age.

Benefits of Megasphaera elsdenii

 Lactic acid is a strong acid produced in the rumen when concentrates are fed to cattle.  If lactic acid accumulates in the rumen pH is decreased leading to acidosis. Acidosis is detrimental to the rumen microbial population and can cause reduced intakes, decreased performance, dehydration, damage to the rumen wall, and in severe cases death.  Acidosis is also associated with liver abscess and laminitis.  Megasphaera elsdenii is the predominant lactic acid-utilizing bacteria found in cattle adapted to high concentrate diets. However, during the transition of cattle from forage based diets to concentrate based diets lactic acid-producing bacteria proliferate more rapidly than lactic acid-utilizing bacteria putting the animal at risk of lactic acid accumulation and acidosis.  To prevent the imbalance between lactic acid-producers and lactic acid-utilizers Lactipro advance provides a viable population of Megasphaera elsdenii to the animal at the time concentrates are introduced into the diet.  This provides a lactic acid-utilizing population to bridge the gap between forage and concentrate based diets.  In addition when Megasphaera elsdenii consumes lactic acid it produces desirable end products such as propionate and butyrate which the animal uses as an energy source.  Butyrate in particular has been shown to be beneficial for gut health and stimulates rumen development.