Missouri Farmers Care sent out an op-ed piece this week from Missouri state Sen. Michael Parson outlining anti-agriculture tactics of the Humane Society of the United States that have been modified or failed in Missouri.

Parson, a staunch advocate for agriculture, says, “We don't need out-of-state interests to guide our state laws.”

One of the issues Parson refers to specifically is Proposition B (the “puppy mill bill”) which passed in 2010 by 51.7% of the votes. Parson says Proposition B did not make any distinctions between good and bad producers and that many voters did not understand what they were voting for.  The law was recrafted, fixed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor.

"The Missouri Solution" created a new crime targeting unlicensed dog breeders, strengthened guidelines for producers and increased the number of inspections of licensed dog breeders in Missouri, while keeping the heart of the proposition intact, Parson says. “Simply put, the fix to Proposition B protects legitimate dog breeders, punishes the bad one, and protects farmers and ranchers.”

The second issue was the "Your Vote Counts" campaign (read more here) which Parson, a Republican representing the 28th District, says was HSUS's response to Proposition B.

“The campaign was another initiative petition drive aimed at making it more difficult for Missouri lawmakers to revamp or overturn laws created by voter-approved initiatives,” he says.

“If passed, this would have opened the door for millions of out-of-state dollars to be poured into Missouri and put dozens of special interest groups' initiative petitions on the ballots. Organizers of the "Your Vote Counts" campaign have recently suspended their efforts, meaning Missouri voters will most likely not have to vote on the question any time soon.”

These are great examples of the Missouri agriculture industry pulling together to protect its industry, and getting its leaders involved in the process. Kudos to the Missouri Farmers Care group what has been at the forefront of this pro-agriculture movement.

Read Parson's full opinion piece here. Find out more about Missouri Farmers Care here.