Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. (“Jaguar”), an animal health company focused on developing and commercializing first-in-class gastrointestinal products for companion and production animals, announced today that it has entered into a supply and distribution agreement with Biogenesis Bagó, the largest veterinary biotechnology company in Latin America—a region that contains 370 million dairy and beef cattle and produces 11 percent of the world’s milk supply.

“Best Company – Latin & South America”

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Biogenesis Bagó specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing veterinary products and services intended to improve livestock health and productivity in Latin America’s major markets. The company has been in business for more than 70 years and pioneered the development of vaccines, antibiotics, antiparasitics, reproduction supplements and mineral supplements in the region. With additional offices in Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, Mexico and Uruguay, Biogenesis Bagó is South America’s main supplier of vaccines for foot and mouth disease and other diseases that impact livestock in the region. In January of this year, the company was chosen as winner of the Animal Pharm award for “Best Company – Latin & South America”. The judging panel selected the firm for its work in developing overseas business, specifically for establishing its presence in China. In 2014, Biogénesis Bagó was the first and only private-sector biotechnology company in the world to meet the standards required by the Chinese government to establish a facility in China.

The agreement provides Biogenesis Bagó with exclusive distribution rights for Jaguar’s Neonorm™ Calf product in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Launched in the U.S. in 2014, Neonorm Calf is Jaguar’s lead non-prescription product to address the symptoms of watery diarrhea, or scours, in preweaned dairy calves. Neonorm is a botanical extract derived from the Croton lechleri tree.

As stipulated by the terms of the agreement, Jaguar and Biogenesis Bagó will agree to annual sales goals for each year of the five-year agreement, including guaranteed minimums for retention of exclusivity and an additional incentive for exceeding stretch goals.

According to a report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations1, population growth and rising income levels are fueling an ongoing trend towards greater per-capita consumption of animal protein in developing countries. As a result of this trend, dairy consumption is projected to rise nearly 58 percent in these regions by 2050. “We are very excited about bringing Neonorm Calf to the large and growing South America market in the first half of 2016, and we could not ask for a more qualified partner to join us in this effort than Biogenesis Bagó,” stated Jaguar CEO Lisa Conte.