On June 3, 2015 the FDA released a major policy change in how animal stakeholders will be required to handle Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs). The changes announced will affect multiple animal health areas, such as pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians and producers.

The animal health industry will be seeing changes in many areas, however one specific change addresses documentation for compliance regarding VFDs. GlobalVetLINK released a system more than seven years ago that provides a digital solution for VFD communication and compliance, branded FeedLINK.

FeedLINK is being used today by veterinarians across the US who have already written thousands of VFDs using GVL’s real-time system. GlobalVetLINK is working quickly to identify needed modifications to the system due to the new ruling; however with a proven system in place, implementation of these changes will happen seamlessly.

GlobalVetLINK CEO, Cliff Smith stated, “GlobalVetLINK is in a great position to respond to the needs of the industry and aid in compliance and communication for each segment of animal health stakeholders.” Smith went on to say “The FeedLINK system is a digital solution already in place for stakeholders to focus animal health and wellness rather than processing paperwork.”

GlobalVetLINK is already working with veterinarians, producers, feed mills, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders to support their efforts in this transition. For more information about FeedLINK, visit globalvetlink.com or call 515-817-5701.