At Al-Mara Farm in Midland, Va., the Leonards began preparing early for Jonas’ arrival. With forecasters predicting the nor’easter could drop two feet and more of snow on the Mid-Atlantic, Jeff and Patty Leonard shored up barns, plowed in preparation for Sunday’s milk truck, and provided their animals with extra rations, just in case.

“We started giving them a little bit extra so their bellies were full going into the storm, just in case we couldn’t get out there,” said Patty Leonard. “We also put out extra bales of hay,” dropping some in ravines and other spots where their beef cattle might take shelter.

“You prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” said Patty of the pre-blizzard work at Al-Mara, which has a 100-cow dairy herd and a 180-head cow-calf operation.

Nearly 27 inches of snow later, Patty’s happy to report no major problems at Al-Mara from Jonas, save a delayed milk truck on Sunday. “We lucked out,” she said. “It wasn’t too bad.”