If you have children or get on social media around this time of the year you've probably seen an “Elf on a Shelf” getting into mischief in the house while keeping an eye on kids for Santa. A ranch in Northwest Kansas has taken the “Elf on a Shelf” fun to a whole new level with “Elf on a Ranch.”

Last year Adam and Jeanne Jones, owners of Crooked Creek Angus near St. Francis, Kan., came up with the idea of moving the Elf to the ranch after first hearing of Elf on a Shelf.

“Many of our friends and family were sharing their creative ideas via Facebook and we thought there was an opportunity to showcase our cattle operation with the Elf as the narrator,” Adam says. “The seedstock business is a competitive space and we are always looking for unique and interesting marketing ideas.”

While working on the ranch throughout the day, Adam and Jeanne have been taking photos of the Elf helping out. Then they share the photos in a blog post on their ranch website calling the page “Elf on a Ranch.”

While Jeanne and Adam don’t have children yet, their niece and nephews have been eagerly following along with the Elf’s adventures on the ranch. The response from other followers of the blog has been great, too.

“Many have voiced how much they've enjoyed a glimpse at the daily activities around the ranch and hope that Adam will continue to post similar topics after Andy the Elf returns to the North Pole,” Jeanne says.

A post about farm safety hit home with many local farmers and watching the Elf cookout steaks got consumers involved on social media.

Checkout how Andy the Elf has helped out at Crooked Creek Angus this past month in 20 photos:

1. Picking out a Herd Bull


Elf Sire Selection

Elves have a pretty good eye for spotting reindeer to lead Santa's sleigh. Elf on a Ranch is trying his hand at picking out some herd bulls.

© Crooked Creek Angus

2. Running the Hydraulic Squeeze Chute


Elf Running the Chute

Andy the Elf still needs a little practice on catching cattle with the head gate.

© Crooked Creek Angus

3. Balancing a Ration


Elf Balancing a Ration

Elves aren't exactly trained ruminant nutritionists.

© Crooked Creek Angus

4. Adding Special Ingredients to the Ration


Elf Adding Candy Canes

According to Andy the Elf, candy canes are an excellent source of energy. Especially when you work round the clock at Santa's workshop.

© Crooked Creek Angus

5. Expert Bunk Reader


Elf Bunk Reader

Elves specialize in reading bunks at the North Pole reindeer barn. They're pretty good at doing it for cattle, too.

© Crooked Creek Angus

6. Riding Shotgun in the Pickup


Elf Riding Shotgun

He's had plenty of experience riding shotgun in Santa's sleigh. But even for an elf -6 degrees F is pretty cold and he's not much help opening gates, either.

© Crooked Creek Angus

7. Cleaning the Windshield


Elf Windshield

Andy the Elf will lend a hand cleaning a windshield if it means he can play in the snow.

© Crooked Creek Angus

8. Breaking Ice


Elf Sledge Hammer

Elves are more highly skilled at running a claw hammer than a sledge hammer.

© Crooked Creek Angus

9. Filling Water Tanks


Elf Water Tank

After chopping ice, Andy the Elf gets to work filling the tank with more water.

© Crooked Creek Angus

10. Refilling the Water Truck


Elf Water Truck

When the water truck goes empty Andy the Elf will be right there to fill it back up.

© Crooked Creek Angus

11. Studying up on Carcass Traits


Elf Reading

While highly versed in reindeer games and toy building, our Elf friend still needs to learn about carcass traits in cattle.

© Crooked Creek Angus

12. Loading Hay Bales


Elf Bale Bed

While loading marshmallows into bags is Andy the Elf’s preference, he’ll help out with hay bales if a truck has a good bale bed.

© Crooked Creek Angus

13. Cutting Net Wrap


Elf Round Bale

Give him a sharp corn knife and he'll have this net wrap cut lickety-split.

© Crooked Creek Angus

14. Wadding up Net Wrap (and Himself)


Elf Net Wrap

No one said he'd be good at wadding up the net wrap after cutting it.

© Crooked Creek Angus

15. Prowling the Cattle


Elf Prowling

He walks the feedline seeing if any cattle act sick and might need some treatment. 

© Crooked Creek Angus

16. Stretching Fence


Elf Stretching Fence

Elf on a Ranch can stretch a quarter of a mile of fence in no time.

© Crooked Creek Angus

17. Checking for a Spark


Elf Checking Hot Wire

His buddy, Sparky the Elf, really enjoys testing hot wire fences for a charge. But Sparky is up at the North Pole, so looks like he'll have to do it this time.

© Crooked Creek Angus

18. Master Chef


Elf Chef

Working on a ranch gets your appetite built up for some steaks and potatoes.

© Crooked Creek Angus

19. Riding for the Brand


Elf Riding for the Brand

Andy the Elf sure has enjoyed riding for the Crooked Creek Angus brand.

© Crooked Creek Angus

20. Starting a Herd of His Own


Elf Rancher

After a great experience with Crooked Creek Angus, Andy the Elf is thinking of starting a herd of his own.

© Crooked Creek Angus

The feed truck series has been one of the more popular posts and there has been a lot of engagement on the Crooked Creek Angus Facebook page this month because of the Elf on a Ranch.

Adam really enjoyed the gag of adding candy canes to the ration. “When I dispersed the candies and was trying to get the photo taken, I had bulls come up and start eating them, wrapper and all,” he says.

Andy the Elf rides around with Adam in the top pocket of his coat while he chores and works on the ranch.

“For the most part, the poses just present themselves as I'm going about my day,” Adam says.

Pictures are taken with either cell phone or a stand-alone camera to help improve the photo quality.

In addition to ranch duties, Jeanne works as an agronomist with K-State Research and Extension. While attending meetings across Kansas she has had a number of people tell her about the “Elf on a Ranch” not knowing that she is one of the creators.

Adam and Jeanne say it has been fun doing the “Elf on a Ranch” and believe he will be making an appearance at Crooked Creek Angus next December.