Dr. Holt Tripp
Dr. Holt Tripp

Beef cattle veterinarian Dr. Holt Tripp, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, will be presented the prestigious $5,000 Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Award from AgriLabs at the 2017 American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Annual Conference, Sept. 14-16, in Omaha, Neb.

This award honors Dr. Bruce Wren, a long-time AgriLabs technical services veterinarian, and recognizes his lifelong commitment to practical and formal continuing education for veterinarians. Each year one beef and one dairy practitioner who have been out of veterinary school 10 or fewer years is selected to receive this award. These grants seek to encourage veterinarians who have expressed a desire to expand their skills and knowledge to further develop skills through continuing education. Tripp was selected to receive the beef award.

“Because we encourage continued education for veterinarians, it’s an honor to present this award to Dr. Tripp, an individual who will participate in programs that will allow him to better serve his clients and the beef industry,” said Steve Schram, AgriLabs President and Chief Executive Officer.

Tripp plans to use his award to attend a program at the Real World Risk Institute in New York City. Through this course, he hopes to better service his clients.

“As beef cattle veterinarians, we have the opportunity to help producers measure, manage, and mitigate health and production risk,” states Tripp. “By combining that knowledge with a strong understanding of price and market risk, I hope to assist producers in developing robust systems that manage risk holistically.”

Joining Tripp, the Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education award for dairy goes to Dr. Sarah Giebel, Canyon, Texas.

Aside from being a young practitioner, applicants must specifically outline the type of continuing education they are seeking, its approximate costs, and the benefits it will provide to the applicant, his/her practice and the practice’s clients. The selection process is undertaken by an awards committee from AABP. For more information, visit www.aabp.org