My pick for best bumper sticker so far in 2012 goes to Missouri Farmers Care for their “HSUS & PETA, Get Your Paws Off Our Laws!” sticker I saw a few weeks ago at their booth at the Missouri Governor’s Conference on Agriculture in Kansas City.  

The Missouri Farmers Care group has been leading the fight against the Your Vote Counts Committee, which has disclosed that the vast majority of their funding comes from extremist animal-rights groups and donors outside of Missouri.

In a press release from Missouri Farmers Care, Chairman Don Nikodim said the Your Vote Counts Committee is about “giving more power to out-of-state special interests like HSUS and ASPCA. These animal-rights extremists are just trying to make it easier to advance their anti-hunting and anti-agriculture agenda.”

A report on the Missouri Ethics Commission’s web site shows that the Your Vote Counts Committee received a total of $164,863.92 in monetary and in-kind contributions from out-of-state individuals and special interests groups. Animal-rights groups ASPCA and HSUS contributed $50,000 and $87,305.39 respectively. Only two donors accounting for $150 were from the state of Missouri. In total, 99.91% of the Your Vote Counts Committee’s funding came from outside of Missouri in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Read the full Missouri Farmers Care press release here.