Antibiotic resistance is a public health concern, and the United Nations recently came together to combat this growing concern. But activist groups have targeted animal agriculture, and it is largely unjustified, according to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, American physician who serves as the World Health Organization’s Assistant Director General for Health, Security and the Environment, knows the importance of antibiotics in animal production. He said, “If we lose that ability [to give antibiotics to animals when necessary], we perhaps begin to lose the ability to have adequate food supplies in the world.”

To learn more about the issue, Best Food Facts interviewed Dr. John Prescott, professor emeritus in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario.

He answered questions from Best Food Facts about agriculture’s role in the issue of antibiotic resistance. When asked what he feels is the biggest misconception among consumers on antibiotic use in agriculture, he answered, “The biggest misconception is that agricultural use of antibiotics is responsible for most resistance in human bacterial pathogens. There is no evidence for this conception.”

His other responses are just as important. Read the entire interview here.