It seems like every week a new food company is announcing a move to antibiotic-free meat. However, most consumers don’t realize there aren’t actually antibiotics in the meat they regularly purchase at grocery stores and restaurants. The Center for Accountability in Science developed a new video explaining how “antibiotic-free” meat isn’t actually healthier for consumers and clearing up common misconceptions about antibiotic use in farm animals.

The video features the Center for Accountability in Science’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Joseph Perrone. In releasing the new video, he commented:           

“The craze surrounding ‘antibiotic-free’ meat isn’t about increasing safety for consumers or animals. These moves are simply marketing ploys to increase restaurants’ sales. The judicious use of antibiotics in farm animals helps ensure only healthy animals enter our food supply and eventually make it to our plates. Evidence shows that strict limits on antibiotic use in farm animals doesn’t necessarily reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans. To truly tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance, we need a comprehensive approach that reduces the use of medically important antibiotics in both humans and animals. Simply scaring the public about antibiotics in their hamburgers does nothing to educate consumers about the safe and responsible use of these important medicines. “

The video already has more than 100,000 views on YouTube.