Testing for bovine viral diarrhea virus persistently infected (BVD-PI) animals is easy and can result in buyers paying more money for your calves regardless of how you market your cattle. Calves sold at auction average a premium of $2.42 per hundredweight when tested negative for BVD-PI*. Subtract test costs and that’s an additional $10 on every 600 lb. calf you sell. Add value to your calves with BVD-PI testing, it’s as easy as 1,2,3:

Contact testing laboratory of choice to order sample collection supplies

Request detailed instructions

Submission form

Ear notcher tool

Ear notch sample vials

It’s easy to collect a sample

Use provided ear notcher to collect a small “V” sample from an individual animal and drop sample in provided vial

Use a permanent marker to label vial with animal ID (both top and side of vial)

Ship samples immediately to laboratory

Some laboratories provide return shipping supplies / special shipping rates

Ask for lowest cost overnight shipping

Place samples in provided return box; complete submission form; seal box; place return shipping label on outside of box

Call to schedule a pick up or simply drop off package at the nearest FedEx or UPS location or drop box

Ask your laboratory to provide locations for nearest preferred shipping provider (FedEx, UPS)

Testing Results

-Confirm your laboratory of choice can provide results in a timely manner.

  • Most laboratories offering BVD-PI testing can provide next day results
  • Confirm your laboratory can provide you with a printed report of results by your provided communication method via email, fax or mail

*King, M.E. The effects of health and management programs on the sale price of beef calves marketed through six Superior Livestock video auctions in 2012. Final Report, Pfizer Inc. 2012.

Source: Life Technologies