This week on DocTalk, Dan Thomson, DVM, MS, PhD, discusses bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) with fellow Kansas State University veterinarian Bob Larson, DVM, PhD, DACT, DACVPM.

BVD affects beef and dairy cattle, with a variety of impacts on animals’ digestive, respiratory, reproductive and immune systems. Larson discusses how some countries have virtually eradicated BVD. He also outlines the role of the persistently infected (PI) calf in spreading the virus.

Finally, Larson outlines control options, including vaccinations, diagnostic tests and “BVD Consult,” a new online interactive decision tool available on BVD consult leads veterinarians and producers through a series of questions to help them identify and mitigate BVD risks. The DocTalk section on BovineVetOnline also houses archives of the program. Previous episodes include discussions of pinkeye, heat stress in cattle, preconditioning calves, parasite control, equine reproduction and low-stress livestock handling.