Lameness in dairy and beef cattle takes many forms and involves a variety of causative factors, creating ongoing challenges for producers and veterinarians. A new “Cattle Lameness” book, produced by Zinpro Corporation’s International Bovine Lameness Committee, will provide veterinarians with a valuable resource for preventing, diagnosing and treating various types of lameness.

The book, which is available in print or digital formats, is rich with images including illustrations and close-up photographs of the different types of lesions involved in lameness cases. A detailed illustration of the bovine foot uses several overlays to illustrate the foot’s external and internal anatomy.

The book begins with general background on lameness, prevention and determination of prevalence, economics, causes and risk factors. Next it covers the anatomy and key structures of the bovine foot as they relate to lameness risk. It then details non-infectious and infectious lesions, with numerous photos of each to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Non-infectious lesions covered in the book include:

·         Axial fissure

·         Corkscrew claw

·         Heel fracture

·         Horizontal fissure

·         Injury or trauma

·         Interdigital hyperplasia

·         Sole hemorrhage

·         Sole ulcer

·         Thin sole

·         Toe abscess

·         Toe ulcer

·         Vertical fissure

·         White line disease

Infectious lesions described and illustrated include:

·         Digital dermatitis

·         Foot rot

·         Horn heel erosion

·         Interdigital dermatitis

Additional chapters outline the role of nutrition in protecting foot health and preventing lameness, hoof trimming and a glossary of terminology.

At just over 70 pages, the book provides a comprehensive and user-friendly reference for bovine-health professionals. The wealth of detailed photos and illustrations in particular will serve as valuable reference for diagnosing, treating and preventing lameness in dairy and beef cattle.

The Cattle Lameness book is available for sale in printed format on Amazon and the ebook is available for sale through Google Play and the App Store. To learn more about the efforts from Zinpro Corporation to prevent cattle lameness, visit the Dairy Lameness andBeef Lameness pages on