It seems to be that BCF has a classic case of spring fever, feeling an abundance of energy and creativity. We’re hoping you feel the same, because you’re going to need it to win this year’s BCF 2015 University Contest, where one college of veterinary medicine will win an Easi-Scan ultrasound system.

Veterinary students will compete in teams created by their student organizations to represent their university in this contest. For those interested in registering please go to the BCF website.
Shortly after registration ends, March 6, we’ll announce the competitors. We’ll share a photo of each team so you can see who you’re up against, or pledge your loyalty, or simply cheer for the best. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see this year’s submissions.

Each team will be submitting a video conveying their universities need for a new Easi-Scan. BCF will narrow down the competition and the finalists will be in the video voting contest.

That’s when the real battle begins. The remaining students will have to put their heads together to determine how they can get the most online votes for their video. They’ll have to get the support of their peers, university, faculty, family, friends, and connections from the industry and beyond!

Stay tuned, because you won’t want to miss anything from this fun and entertaining contest – we know they’re smart but you’ll be amazed at the creativity these future veterinarians have!
Education is top priority for BCF and we believe all veterinary students should graduate with large animal ultrasound skills.