Aspen Veterinary Resources Ltd. today at the World Dairy Expo introduces a new product line of stall and feed additives that reduces mastitis in dairy cows. The revolutionary product line is the first of its kind in the U.S.

The products, called Easy Cow and Gold Pro Cow, are made with all-natural carrier ingredients and imprinted with a contrasting electromagnetic frequency. This creates an opposing force to the specific frequency created by each pathogen that causes mastitis. The technology is similar to noise-canceling headphones, which use an opposing frequency to cancel out noise.

“We are always looking for new, innovative products that provide effective solutions to our customers, and Easy Cow is one of those solutions,” said Kevin Pohlman, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Animal Health International. “Easy Cow is a unique approach to preventing mastitis, which is the leading cause of milk loss, and therefore revenue loss, for our dairy customers. It’s good for herd health and the fiscal health of their operation.”

Easy Cow is applied to bedding to kill 96 percent of the pathogens that cause mastitis, reducing SCC and leading to higher production. It also works to increase beneficial bacteria for a better environment. Gold Pro Cow works similarly once added to food.
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