AgriLabs® announced the results of its first VetGun™ customer satisfaction survey aimed at measuring its customers’ experiences with and perceptions of VetGun™, an innovative delivery system to apply insecticides to cattle without any handling.

“Just one year after launching at the 2014 National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) trade show in Nashville, we couldn’t be more excited about the response from our marketing efforts and how producers have embraced the VetGun,” said Steve Schram, president and CEO, AgriLabs. “We’ve heard remarkable feedback from our launch efforts across the Gulf states and Midwest where producers repeatedly acknowledged the advantages of no stress handling of their cattle and ease of application.”

Producers give VetGun high marks
AgriLabs surveyed 500 VetGun customers via an online questionnaire. The responders ranged from having 11 to 200 head of cattle. AgriLabs surveyed such criteria as motivations for choosing VetGun, product functionality, availability, performance, ease of use, satisfaction and willingness to recommend the product.

Overall, the recent survey conducted shows customers are very pleased with VetGun. The study reported at least 94 percent of surveyed VetGun customers like the system and 95 percent said they would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

The survey also reported an impressive response to the survey questions about ease of use. A total of 99 percent found the VetGun convenient to use. “Producers especially appreciate the product when it’s hot and the cattle are in remote pastures,” said Adam Yankowsky, business unit manager for livestock products, AgriLabs. “On a scorching day, just one person working alone could easily dose at least 100 head in only a fraction of the time and with less labor compared to other methods, without having to move them around.”

In fact, Jim Richey, a producer from Galatia, Illinois saw a big benefit with his operation’s overall fly control. “VetGun was really effective last summer,” said Richey. “When I used the VetGun and AiM-L VetCap insecticide, as soon as two days later, most flies were gone, and it would last three weeks or more before I had to reapply.”

About VetGun
VetGun is ideal for those producers looking for a way that will save time with minimal stress for treating their cattle’s horn flies particularly when flies are abundant and disturbing the cattle to negatively impact gain. The Vetgun system is designed to limit cattle handling and stress, while uniquely applying effective horn fly control.

VetGun uses CO2 power to project a precise dosage of AiM-L VetCap containing an EPA-approved topical insecticide Lambda Cyhalothrin to treat the animal. The gelatin capsule bursts upon impact, allowing the topically applied insecticide to go to work immediately, similar to that of pour-on applications. When used in conjunction with other chemical class methods, the VetGun System can be a very effective solution.

With this application system, the insecticide can be applied to cattle at a range of 15 to 30 feet, allowing the producer to treat animals from a safe distance, without risk of injury to either rancher or cattle. It’s as simple as laying down a lick, hay or feed to create a positive correlation with the dosing process.
“We are so pleased to learn our customers’ overall experience with VetGun is positive, especially as it relates to its use and a willingness to share their experience with others,” said Schram. “We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help thousands of producers and we look forward to helping thousands more in the future.”