Advancements in sexed semen are being by ABS Global Inc. through the development of Sexcel Sexed Genetics, proprietary technology for sexing bovine semen.

The technology does not put the cells through high pressure, electric currents and shear forces that have traditionally produced sexed semen.

ABS Global’s data show that Sexcel compares favorably to conventional semen with a conception rate of 90%. According to ABS it has a higher conception rate relative to other sexed semen.

“This is an exciting moment for ABS and its customers,” says Nate Zwald, chief operating officer for ABS Global. “Sexcel gives farmers a new option for achieving their desired genetic blueprint and will help them profit through genetic progress. We have a unique product, and trial results show it is a very effective sexed offering for our customers.”

Sexcel was launched on Sept. 1 with a Facebook live video helping explain the new genetic advancement. Watch the video below: