With the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) annual conference rapidly approaching – it takes place Sept. 18-20 in Albuquerque, N.M. – organizers have provided highlights of planned feedlot, cow-calf and dairy sessions, along with information on registration for the conference and pre-conference seminars.

2014 AABP Feedlot Session Highlights

Dr. Tom Portillo, Feedlot Sessions Coordinator

Our feedlot session (or “feedyard”, depending on your geography) is geared toward finding some practices and principles that might be readily integrated into a feedlot consultation practice. We will be covering some basics on animal behavior and disposition to help with the first stage in case definition which is identification of compromised cattle by pen riders.

Dr. Randy Hunter will be providing information to help with overseeing cattle handling and helping to direct all those on the feedlot responsible with that goal. We have nutritionist Dr. John Beckett (a non-veterinarian but his father is and he attended several AABP meetings growing up so we can give him a pass) to discuss strategies important for starting cattle in a feedlot at high risk for developing BRD.

Dr. Del Miles will help us look at bringing science and savvy together when working to develop a population health program. Finally, Dr. Bob Glock will help tie it all together with some practical pathology from the feedyard necropsy area.

2014 AABP Cow-Calf Session Highlights

Dr. Jeremy Van Boening, Cow-Calf Sessions Coordinator

There are plenty of opportunities for quality cow-calf scientific sessions at the 2014 47th Annual AABP Conference. Beef cow-calf session highlights include Dr. Rick Funston on increasing production efficiencies through reproductive management and discussing the latest on artificial Insemination synch programs, and Dr. Jeremy Van Boening on how AI can be a profit center in practice.

Dr. Chandy Olson will discuss the latest and greatest in ultrasound technology for beef herds, Dr. Jeff Ondrak will present new and emerging research on trichomoniasis, and Dr. John Myers will discuss the importance of quality BSE exams that can also increase practice revenue.

2014 AABP Dairy Session Highlights

Dr. Joe Gillespie, Dairy Sessions Coordinator

At this year’s 2014 47th Annual AABP Conference in Albuquerque, the dairy sessions are built around the theme of Reconnect, Retool and Reclaim, with the three focus areas of milking parlors, transition period and heifer development. Our goal is to give you tools to reclaim your place on dairy client farms.

The Friday sessions are all about building a better understanding of milk parlors, equipment and using technology to track their function. Dr. David Reid will look at milk quality outside of the cow, then Dr. Patrick Gorden will discuss the tools we need to understand and help parlor equipment perform. Dr. Reid will then discuss how we take our new tools and analyze the data to be a better advisor to the dairy. Also in this session, Dr. Ulrike Sorge will examine dairy stockmanship and how it relates to milking and milking parlors.

Saturday morning we will move to one of the most important areas of any dairy, the transition pen. Starting with Dr. Heather Dann, we hope to enable veterinarians to have better discussions around the nutrition of the transition stage. Dr. Gary Oetzel, will open our minds to all the tools available to assist cows through the transition period.

Also on Saturday we will have consumer insight with “Dairy Carrie”, Ms. Carrie Mess, a dairywoman and great advocate of the dairy industry through today’s social channels. Dairy Carrie as her blog denotes will open a great discussion of how we engage as veterinarians with consumers in the social media world.

Saturday afternoon we will explore heifer programs. Dr. Jason Osterstock will help us understand genomics and what they might mean to us, then we move to the feed bunk as Dr. Robert Corbett takes a look at accelerated growth and how we can influence heifer development. Genetics and growth don’t mean much without proper health. Dr. Sam Barringer’s strong background in calf health will allow us to better understand the influence we have on our clients’ programs. Rounding out the session will be Dr. John Lee who will bring us a picture of the heifer reproduction program and how we can help improve it at the farm.

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