Are you active in social media or just like to “lurk” around a little bit? Have you joined the Facebook revolution yet? If you have, make sure to “like” Bovine Veterinarian’s Facebook page (in Facebook’s search box, type Bovine Veterinarian).

What you’ll find on the page are pieces of information about Bovine Veterinarian’s travel to farms, ranches, feedlots, dairies, veterinary practices, veterinary schools and conferences. The latest news of interest from out in the field and links to other resources are available.

Why 'like' Bovine Vet’s Facebook page?Many photos taken on these trips, especially interesting cattle, scenic or people photos that we don’t have space for in the magazine are posted on the Facebook page, such as last week’s impromptu photo in a cattle-grazed turnip field of Iowa State veterinary students I ran into while on a trip to central Nebraska last week.

Next week while I attend the National Institute for Animal Agriculture antibiotic symposium in Ohio I’ll not only be posting articles to the Bovine Veterinarian website, but I’ll also be posting candid shots and other pieces of information from the conference on the Facebook page, as I have done from other conferences such as AABP, AVC and AMI.  

You can also send me your interesting and positive human-cattle interaction photos that you have shot in your veterinary business so we can share them with our Facebook fans. We have received some great pictures from our Facebook friends from around the world (send photos to me at, original photos only, please).

On the Facebook page you can also see the organizations, veterinary practices and other Facebook active groups that Bovine Veterinarian likes.

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