U.S. News and World Report has ranked veterinary schools for their 2011 year in the U.S. (see rankings here). Cornell University took top honors.

Rankings for top 10 schools from U.S. News and World Report are:

  1. Cornell University
  2. University of California
  3. Colorado State University
  4. North Carolina State University
  5. Ohio State University
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. University of Wisconsin
  8. Texas A&M University
  9. Michigan State University
  10. University of Georgia

In their methodology section on graduate health program surveys, they explain that: All the health rankings are based solely on the results of peer assessment surveys sent to deans, other administrators, and/or faculty at accredited degree programs or schools in each discipline.

What are your food-animal vet school rankings?Food-animal emphasis
While all of the above are excellent veterinary schools, I believe some other schools need to be highlighted for the advances and emphasis they have made in food-animal programs, often working in concert with their departments of animal science.

I’m not going to get myself in trouble by ranking them, but I do want to make note of some great food-animal programs at some of these other fine institutions that benefit undergrad animal science students (who may be on track to attend veterinary school) and veterinary students (not to mention practicing veterinarians and producers through Extension). They are:

  • Kansas State University – K-State has long been known for its great food-animal programs, and with the launch of the Beef Cattle Institute and online training modules, it has become one of the premiere veterinary schools as far as beef cattle medicine.
  • University of Minnesota – The veterinary college’s Dairy Education Center is located at a commercially viable dairy operation that is used for veterinary student education, research, continuing education and public demonstrations.
  • Iowa State University – In the last several years Iowa State has made a commitment especially to the dairy industry with the opening of the Iowa State University Dairy Farm for teaching, research and outreach. They also have some of the best researchers in the area of dairy cattle welfare and lameness. With its partnership with the University of Nebraska, veterinary students are also able to take advantage of UNL’s Great Plains Veterinary Education Center in Clay Center, Neb. for more intense beef cattle education. 
  • Washington State University – WSU is forging ahead in the area of food safety as demonstrated by the last two years of comprehensive E. coli webinars and research. They also have extensive dairy lameness research and materials for students, veterinarians and producers.

There are many more schools well-deserving of mention, but these are just a few to highlight.

Comment below and let me know what your veterinary school (presently attending, employed by or as an alum) does in the food-animal arena that makes it top-notch as well.

See the full list of veterinary school and colleges ranked by U.S. News and World Report here.